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VIve Pro not working when connected to laptop through miniDP to HDMI

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I have an ASUS i& with GTX 1080 gpu running Windows 10.  This laptop only has an HDMI output.  I have bought the Vive pro and have tried to connect it using a mini-displayport  chord.  This is not working and it is not finding the vive headset or handsets.  Steam VR is not showing a green symbol for the HMD or the handsets (it is like they are not there at all) - however, the green lights are on on the handsets.  

Note: I also plugged the Vive pro into my Alienware Aurora (desktop) with a 1080 GTX  and a displayport and it worked perfectly - so I know my Vive pro setup, base stations, hand sets, etc. are all up to date and working.  

Its just getting it to work with the HDMI port on the laptop. 


Any suggestions?


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I'll be watching this thread closely, I've got one going in this forum too. I've also got an Asus laptop with displayport and HDMI and GTX-1080 I can't get a **bleep** thing to show up either. I've now spent hours on it.


To make matters worse HTC has what looks like some bizarre propietary displayport cable coming off the pro headset, so there is no way I can see to connect directly to the laptop and bypass the link box to test that way.

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, the Pro's requires a minimum of displayport 1.2 - you cannot drive it with any sort of HMDI -> DP adapter. HDMI isn't able to support the bandwidth of the Pro's signal. Generally speaking, unless you have DP 1.2+ support, you'll be unable to use the Pro with that device. In some cases, you can drive it via a USB-C hub that supports mini-dp but we've found that it's highly specific to the model of laptop as many USB-C ports are not able to connect to the laptop's dedicated GPU. 


@Favid_Feynma, I will find your thread and comment there. Sorry about the abuse reports, our automatic spam filter is being pretty agro. 

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Thank you for the response.  As an alternative, I am looking to buy a laptop that is compatible.  The ones I am looking at have mini-displayports.  Will that work?  If so, is there any version that will not work? 


Here is the potential laptop I am looking at: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834234903&cm_re=gtx_1080_laptop-_-34-234-903-_-Product




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I'm not the right David, but that is the laptop I just bought. I haven't gotten it to work yet, but hopefully will be able to confirm to you by the end of the day. I strongly suspect the issue is the display port cable I'm using is old and does not have the necessary bandwidth. Heading to pick up a new cable now.


That laptop is by far the cheapest one I was able to find with a GTX-1080.

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, I'm glad you got it working. Were you able to get the standard Vive also working?  - Yes - it should be fine as confirmed by , just be sure to purchase a proper mDP -> mDP cable. To anyone else in a similar situation: If it is not explicitly stated in the spec sheet, I would recommend contacting your to verify that your Displayport is version 1.2+. 


To anybody who may stumble across this: this is a low cost mDP -> mDP cable that is tested and confirmed to be compatible with the Pro. 

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"@Favid_Feynman, I'm glad you got it working. Were you able to get the standard Vive also working"


I have no doubt it would also work but didn't bother trying, I only purchased the Vive so I could get the accessories to use with the Vive Pro. I had already purchased the Vive Pro and it was the only way to get the accessories since the only way to get the Vive Pro with accessory pack is to order directly through HTC.


I can only assume that a drunkard is in charge of the HTC department that decided on how to market/package this product :smileyhappy:

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Hi all, I'm so sad.

I paied a lot for a Vive PRO plus acessories, another salary for a top level laptop asus with GTX 1080 gpu, and I cannot see the vive pro turned on. The problem is that NO Displayport are available on the laptop.

I tried with a HDMI 2 DP cable witout success many ours.

After reading this tread I understood that it will never work....

So crazy that a VR-READY laptop cannot use the VIVO PRO device. I payed it more than 2500euro.

Do you think I could have a solution using a type C hub that has displayport 1.2 connector?


many thanks for the help

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