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Viveport subscription refunds


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With the recent price drop I decided to buy the HTC VIVE which was advertised as coming with a 2 month Viveport subscription.

I followed the instructions on the voucher, entered the code into the website and set up a new account.

I didn't even get a chance to download and try all of the first set of games I added because after only two weeks I received a notification email that I had just been charged £8.99 for the next months subscription and that my 5 titles had been reset.

I thought this was just a simple mistake and would be easily resolved but I couldn't have been more wrong, HTC support couldn't have been less helpfull.

They waste time passing my complaint from person to person, in the live chat they simply told me I would be contacted by email, asking for a variety of ID numbers without explaining what they are or where to find them even asking for the serial number of my headset to look into a subscription issue, they refuse to do anything about the 2 month subscription simply insisting that I must have done something wrong when entering the voucher code and they absolutely refuse to refund the payment they took for the next months subscription which has not been used.

I only agreed that they could charge my credit card if I kept the subscription after the 2 month voucher offer had ended. They have taken an unauthorised payment from my credit card and are refusing a refund.


Has anyone else had issues with their initial 2 month subscription offer being terminated early?

Has anyone had any luck getting a refund of charges for unwanted subscriptions?


For the first 2 weeks my experience with the HTC VIVE, hardware and software,  had been very positive but their customer service has really ruined it. It seems that £8.99 for an unexpected, unused and unwanted subscription charge is more important to HTC than all of my future purchases would have been as I certainly wont be buying anything from them again if I end up having to contact the credit card company to get this money back.

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I have now received a PM telling me that a refund has been issued, I have also just received another email stating:

"In regards to your inquiry, please note that I have an update for you which is that the refund can not be done as the Viveport Payment is


Which is it?

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