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Vive Pro SKUs w/ SteamVR 2.0 accessories orders now LIVE

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I'm a bit confused. We contacted Shen Ye two weeks ago as well as our contact at Valve and got the reply that the 2.0 base stations are not yet in mass manufacturing and that the only way to obtain them would be from Valve at this point (stock empty though, waiting for the next batch from the factory).


So - is this just a limited run? We're an LBE franchise and are currently preparing various new venues that we want to equip with the Vive Pro. I'd like to have some security on the supply in order not to run into the same issue as with the trackers that've been out of stock for months when our licensees want to order hardware.


Another question is developing for the 10x10 meter setup. I could theoretically order two Vive Pro starter kits now to have four base stations up and running, but I've been told that the respective firmware support is not on a public branch yet. As we will have venues open later this year with enough space and will be showcasing our latest games at gamescom in August anyway as part of a 1.000 m² booth we're organizing, now would be the time to start prototyping. Who is governing the firmware at this point and who should I reach out to?

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Sebastian, as it was before the launch, I was unable to comment on the release date as we have a strict company policy to not comment on unannounced products and product roadmap. I apologise if I was not clear, you were asking for access to BS2.0 developer kits, which were only being seeded by Valve.


The Vive Pro full kit with BS2.0 is not a limited run, and support for using more than 2x BS2.0 for tracking is coming soon. Valve are working on it and will release the update when they are ready.

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Hey Shen,

oh the information about the not yet in mass production base stations came from Valve, which got me confused. But good to know that this is not a limited run, that way we can recommend the new kits to our licensees for roll-out :)

Any plans on your end to provide a short cable / adapter for backpack PCs like it was done with the regular Vive?


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