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Vive Tracker Role Changer (current version: 1.0)


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We are taking the tool down temporarily since it's somehow modifying some user's HMDs. If you still have the tool and are still using it, please remember to DISCONNECT ALL STEAMVR DEVICES before running the tool as well as carefully read the instructions presented to you. Otherwise you risk bricking your VIVE like some have already done.


Due to high demand, I'm reposting the Tracker Changer with some updates that hopefully will keep your trackers from bricking.


This tool is to be used only be advanced developers that have a need to change the way a tracker identifies itself to SteamVR. If you don't understand what this means, then you should probably not use this tool as it can brick your device and void your warranty.


Please only use this tool if you really need to, otherwise, if you are developing for your new application, we recommend using the VIVE Input Utility.



  • Support for Tracker Pro (SteamVR Tracking 2.0)  New!
  • Change Tracker to identify as a Controller
  • Revert Tracker to identify as a Tracker
  • Backup/Restore Tracker configuration  New!
  • Recovery for Trackers with corrupt configurations  New!



  1. Unplug VIVE and all SteamVR devices from your computer.
  2. Plug in the tracker via USB cable.
  3. Run tool and follow prompts.
  4. Restart SteamVR.






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I believe it's a setting in the software to set the correct device to be used as the LIV virtual device. I would pose your question to the LIV Discord channel for further assistance. I'll try to see if I can reproduce your issue on my end as well.

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The problem with taking the download down is some people might have the trackers currently flashed as controllers and have since then reformatted their computer and don't have it anymore, but would like to change it back to normal. This is pretty unacceptable.

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I really need this as I still have a tracker stuck on a controller from when I used this over a year ago, but now I cannot change it. Taking the download link down is beyond unprofessional and you're literally only doing it because others didn't follow directions... which in turn hurts my company and myself.


I would very greatly appreciate a link or putting it back up on here as this will screw me out of $100 and future use.



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Hi , so are you saying you previously used it and now the tracker is stuck as a controller? If so,you would need to install the tracker firmware to restore it (found in the SteamVR installation folder)


Removing this temp tool is for the best to avoid users needlessly changing their trackers the hard way - when you can now simply map any tracker as a controller using the new SteamVR input system or vive versa.


Again this tool was only to be used for a couple of months after Tracker 1.0 came out as support for the trackers has been well established ever since and now with the new input system more it's even more flexible and removes any need to use this role changer tool even by end users.


Lastly, if you're a developer using Unity you can also use the device role mapping found in our Vive Input Utilities Unity plugin on the Unity assetstore which has been available even before the new SteamVR Input system.

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Hi  /,


Apologies if this is an inconvenience but we are just trying to prevent any additional issues this tool is causing other users. As I previously noted, this is temporary until I can figure out a better way to update the tracker ID without inadvertedly affecting other devices.


It's really about managing a potential increase in the number of users affected versus inconveniencing our beloved developers. At the time of the takedown, the users affected by the misuse of the tool was greater than the latter, so we made the decision to halt distribution. This should not be taken as Vive's reduction of love for you all. We were just trying to do the right thing for everyone.


Until the tool is perfectly sound for distribution and is not bricking headsets, it won't be immediately available to everyone. For extreme cases that cannot be resolved using Dario's posted method above, feel free to DM one of us.


(Also, this technically shouldn't be seen as an officially supported solution from Vive. It was a tool I put together in my own time to help alleviate issues a number of our partners were running into.)




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