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Applying for the Vive Pro Dev Kit

Morrow Games

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I werent able to find a application form for the HTC Vive Pro Dev Kit so that brought me here. I represent Morrow Games which is a game development company that creates visually stunning games and environments. And we work together with our customers to create immersive virtual reality experiences for their requirements. 


Our latest project is called House of Khronos which is a conceptual environmental art work by the finnish artist duo IC-98 (Visa Suonpää & Patrik Söderlund). The artwork is located in Ortenoja in the municipality of Pöytyä in Southwest Finland.and the house has been documented in virtual reality by Morrow Games.


Currently all the projects are running on the standard Vive setup, but our customers are interested in upgrading their equipment to the Pro version. But since we dont have the development Kit for that platform we cannot currently encourage them to upgrade their setups. So is there some kind on procedure to apply for the dev kits or how should we proceed from here?


Best Regards,


Jami Andersson - Morrow Games

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