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Horrible Customer Service.


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Okay, so I sent my vive in to a repair facility back in mid March due to what I assumed to be sweat damage from some pretty intense games. I waited about 2 weeks and was a bit worried because the repair tracker did not update, so I contacted customer service to see if they received my headset, they had... two days after I had sent it. So thats all well and good, im told to wait two days to get an update. Two more weeks pass and I get no update, so I contact them again and they say they are going to "Rush my repair" due to it having been a month since i sent it in. Low and behold two days later I get an email stating I must pay $270 to have my vive repair after they had held it hostage for just over a month. I forgot to mention I had only had my Vive for a month and a half before it had issues that did not allow me to use it. They didnt even give me a reason for the repair, common courtesy would be to atleast tell me what the issue is that they are fixing...did they even look at my headset or were they just like "Oh sweet, lets milk this guy for all the money we can!" I just don't understand, my headset is still under warranty and I expected this to be a painless process, putting faith in HTC to resolve this quickly..that was not the case at all, it's been over a month and i'd like an explanation as to what happened and how I can get my heaset back in working order without having to pay an absurd amount for something that should have been under warranty.

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