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Just need information on sending back my Vive Pro. (Trouble with Chat Support)

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Update: This has been taken care of, thank you HTC Vive for listening.


I have contacted chat support 3 individual times now asking for what I would think would be a simple task, what most companies take 10-15 minutes to provide, is now coming on 2 days.


Here is the short story:


I ordered the HTC Vive Pro and accessories on the 5th of April. I receieved my HTC Vive Pro HMD and wall brackets. I immediately contacted chat support asking why I did not also receive my accessories. I was told they were on Backorder.


I then contacted chat support again 6 days later to return my HTC Vive Pro because I did not intend on looking at a pretty box while I waited until an undetermined date for my "accessories" which are necessary to making the device operable completely. I was told that I would receive information on this. (No specific details when)


I contacted chat support once again after a half a day of waiting, realizing I never received information on returning my Vive. This time the chat specialtist mentioned I would receive the information within 24-48 hours.


I waited another day, and received an email stating:


"Thank you for ordering from VIVE. We have now received your product(s) and a refund has been generated for your order as a result of one of the following: your request, the fulfiller’s request, an incorrect address or a refused shipment.

Please allow 5-7 business days for your refund to be updated on your account."


This was odd to me, because I had not sent in anything at this point.


... I contacted chat support once more.

This time the chat specialtist, who was very nice, stated they would get me the information within an hour of the chat ending. I have not received this information.


This information seems like it would be an address to ship it to and what information to include. I'm furious at this point, I just want to cut ties with HTC all together now.


Is there anyone out there that can help me with this issue?


P.S. Sorry TLDR

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I am in the same situation that I got the brackets and headset and can't do anything with them, I order on the 9th and chat support just kept saying they will ship in the month stated on the original email after your purchase.. which said April.... and still nothing. I want to return it but I haven't heard great things about how its handled. 


At this point I am telling everyone I can to stay very far away from HTC and the nightmare it is to simply ship something your website listed as in stock (the pro starter kit when I ordered it).


I don’t have any advice that can help you, but please let us know if you figure something out. There are lots of people in the same situation as us right now.

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I was told I could return the unit and the brackets, but I would need to front the shipping bill. This was not an issue with me, because I did purchase it and it isn't a warranty related defect. I would have liked better communication and it shouldn't be this complicated to get something sent back as a return. I believe I am still in the window from the time of shipment.


I feel for everyone else in the same boat as me.


I would really just like the info needed to actually ship the pieces so I can say done and done, and wipe my hands clean of this situation. This should have happened the first time I contacted chat support and asked to return my unit.

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