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The Vive Pro Shipping Crisis

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    This topic is for those who feel the pain of Vive cheating them. Heres the story, I ordered my Vive pro on April 9th along with the starter kit, my kids were excited and I was hoping I would get it before April 27th (in time for my son's 15th birthday). 3 weeks later on the 23rd, I got an email with a tracking number, saying my item was shipped. When I scrolled down, I was confused as to why it only says 1 item has been shipped (Base Station  Brackets).  




  I said to myself, "Hey it's no problem, don't worry they probably just made a mistake and forgot to including the rest of the items". So I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and convinced myself I'll have my Vive Pro and the starter kit on time for my son's birthday. I took the day off work because FedEx claimed I had to sign it. I waited... and waited, at around 11:00 am, someone knocked the door and I was handed a half broken cardboard box, with ONLY the "Base Station Brackets" inside. I immediately went to my computer and searched for a phone number. To my surprise, I found out Vive didn't have one. So I did the next best thing, "Live Chat".















She called me Andrew, that's not me, and later on, I figured out it's not called "wall mount"...


So, I waited a few hours and contacted them back... 

here's how it went.



 After that, I was furious, I couldn't cancel my order... if I wanted to. I could only reject it, and have to pay for shipping fees back to sender!


The next few days I waited and finally got the email...


Only one problem, they still haven't sent me the controllers or Base station so it's practically useless.


I know I sound very upset, but who wouldn't be. I've been looking at many topics and I've found many people who are experiencing the same thing, Take this as a warning for all those who are planning to buy from Vive... they won't ship on time, I was promised everything will be shipped on April, that was what I was told, clearly they couldn't fulfill that... I'm really disappointed.



    ~ Idris


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This might help you. I cancelled my order about 2 days before they shipped my brackets, and then I got this email:





Product Name    Qty Ordered    Reason for Cancellation
HTC Vive Ba     1              Not Satisfied          
If you do not desire the product(s) listed above, please refuse shipment. We have initiated a return on your behalf. If it is not possible to refuse shipment, follow the return instructions listed below. You must follow the instructions below within 30 days. We are unable to issue a refund before these instructions are followed. 
Each product must be received at its correct corresponding address in order for us to process your refund. In the event that you are returning multiple products, you may be required to send items to different addresses. Products being returned to the same address may be shipped together.  Please read carefully to ensure that each product is returned to the correct location. Once the product is received, your refund should appear within 5-7 working days."
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I have a similar experience. I made my puchase on March 29th for the Vive Pro and the regular Vive bundle since it was only 50 dollars more than the accessories bundle at the time and I figured it would be nice to have a backup.

I received the regular vive Mid-April so I at least have been enjoying some VR but what is infuriating is I used Paypal so I have already been charged the full amount for the Vive pro.

I sent support an email asking when my Pro headset will be shipping since the order has been stuck "In Process" for three weeks now and the original order confirmation said it would ship in April. The response consisted of saying the headset would come "Real soon" and an ad for a VR game. This is some the worst customer service I have experienced. I wrongly concluded that preordering from HTC would somehow guarantee a quick delivery. 

I won't make the same mistake again.

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Hi All,

Just reposting the message from the other thread about the Vive Pro shipping situation.

"Thank you for your comments and reaching out. We definitely want to assist but here are some initial responses.


For those that ordered your starter kits:  We have had significant demand in our accessories that far surpassed our estimates for this scenario.  We have new inventory coming in but I cannot provide an ETA at this time as there are customs and transit variables at play for restocking our warehouses.  Orders of accessories are delayed and we are working as quickly as possible to have these fulfilled for you.


If you want to cancel or return an order: Please contact our care teams via the contact details provided in your order confirmation email as appropriate for your region. They will be able to provide you with next steps depending on your individual situation. 


If you received a partial order: You will receive the remainder of your order as soon as the inventory is replenished.


If you have general problems with your order specific to payments or otherwise:  Please contact our support teams relevant to your region so that they can assist.


I will follow up with additional updates as I receive them on this thread."

I've sent you PMs as well.

Thank you

-John C

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I got this email a couple days ago hour ago. Apparently the accessories are back ordered until "early May". Not too far off!


Your Vive Pro Order


Your VIVE Pro Headset is on its way!  You also purchased the Starter Kit bundle, unfortunately some of those items are on back order but we will be shipping them as soon as they arrive to our warehouses in early May.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

The VIVE Team

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Just want to give everyone a heads up...The Vive Pro starter kit is shipping (at least here in Canada). Received mine 15min ago (Monday May 7th). Original order placed on April 16th.

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