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Vive SRWork Demo - Unity - Error [ViveSR] Initial framework -1

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Mod Note (8.2.18 - @vibrantenbula): The SRWorks group is now an open group. You can join it by going to this URL and clicking "Join the Group" http://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-SRWorks-SDK/ 
srworks log file:
[Vive SRWorks] [2018-05-03 08:53:01] [LOG] ViveSR_Initial() success
[JSON] [2018-05-03 08:53:01] [LOG] E:\softs\Steam
[JSON] [2018-05-03 08:53:01] [LOG] found steam install path
[JSON] [2018-05-03 08:53:01] [LOG] usig device : LHR-F7693C4D
[JSON] [2018-05-03 08:53:01] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E2A] device config file open failed @SetCameraParameters:279
Windows 10, nvdia drivers 397.31 with a GTX 1080.
1 updated the HMD firmware,yes
2 running SteamVR beta,yes
3 test camera in steamVR settings,yes
4 running the latest NVidia driver,yes
5 copy lighthouse_console.exe downloadconfig config.json to LHR-F7693C4D ,yes
still error

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