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SRWorks Log Error device config file open failed SetCameraParameters:279

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[Vive SRWorks] [2018-05-03 20:29:58] [LOG] ViveSR_Initial() success
[JSON] [2018-05-03 20:29:58] [LOG] E:\softs\Steam
[JSON] [2018-05-03 20:29:58] [LOG] found steam install path
[JSON] [2018-05-03 20:29:58] [LOG] usig device : LHR-F43A3B39
[JSON] [2018-05-03 20:29:59] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E2A] device config file open failed @SetCameraParameters:279


what can i do to fix that


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