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New here and still waiting to get my Focus. Question about native API access...


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I'm a Unity dev with only limited Android experience. I'm looking to build an app that needs to communicate with various external sensors and actuators (so - two way comms). The hardware guy wants to use OSC over WiFi as the channel. I imagine this is fairly straightforward on a normal Android device.


Is there anything about the environment that Vivve Focus apps run in that might make this tricky? Do you have the same access to Android platform features that a phone app would have? (obviously - assuming the hardware for those features actually exists on the Focus)

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Yes, Focus like other Android devices has capabilities to connect with BT/USB external accessories.

But in commerial ROM, we disable BT setting to avoid user error to cause controller disconnect.

You can firstly enable developer mode (like Android devices) to use ADB command to enable BT for connectivity. 

Be always noted to include permission code when you need to access BT/USB on your application. You can also refer to "Permission Manager" sample code in the document if you'd like to see permission in VR. 

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