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Production Release Submission Error


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I tried to submit production release. The system says error found...


"This is the error that needs to be fixed.

Program Opt-ins

Please check the following field(s):

  • VIVEPORT Developer Awards 2"


The option to remove or include or modify this setting has been removed or does not exist, probably since that event is over now. Can your engineers fix this so I can submit my game production release. Thank you and please get back to me

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Hi . Thanks for reporting. We saw this issue right after we stopped accepting Viveport Developer Award submissions but we deployed a hot fix to the Developer Console. Surprised to see this now. Can you let me know the title and if you started the submission/draft back when the the VDA2 contest was running? It ran from Dec 2017 - Feb 2018. If you would prefer to Private Message, you can. Thanks!

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