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I will be trying to put a sensor on something that someone is holding and be able to track position in 3D to verify that the player is accurately tracking a path generated by the application.


I am hoping to find some very simple VR source that I  will reversing engineer.  Are there any free templates or open source VR application that could be used for this purpose? 


Also, I would like to know what is recommended for laptop requirements that will provide enough performance to be able to test the software. 

If this information is already available I apologies and please point me to those posts.  







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Both Unity and Unreal have demo scenes that you can modify to suit your needs. I can't think of any demo projects that would specifically suit your need; it depends on what type of 3D capture technology you're using. Leap Motion for instance has demo Unity scenes that may be useful.


MSI, Asus, and Razer are the primary OEMs in the VR laptop game; I would recommend getting one with a 1060 (not a 1060m) or 1070 as a minimum. 

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