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Headset not detected suddenly please help


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Vive was working and immediatly stopped after I pulled on wire for more length and it immediatly went black. Now i have the error headset not detected 108, Steam VR not ready with a red light on the headset. When I plug in the cord to the computer it does not get noticed 


Things I tried:

Lots of swearing

resetting the vive

Checking for loose cables

plugged and unplugged


scanned my computer for errors

purchased a new graphics card thinking it was the hook up on my graphics card

cried from spending so much money on a new graphics card for my non working Vive

fully updated the new graphics card drivers

used a new HDMI cable from link box to computer

Uninstalled several programs to make more Hard Drive room

Cancelled my VivePort Subscription


I am using:


It was working on my Nvida Geforce GTX 980 ti

Microsoft Windows 8.1

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 TI (brand new) Currently using

IntelCore i7-4790k CPU 4.0 GHz

32 GB 


How can i check if the link box went bad? How do i open a ticket for support to return for a fix? 

Please Help Im Desperate



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