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HMD Warranty Service

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First off I plan to update this thread as and when I get new updates.  I am doing this just so it helps others who may have issues with their Vive hardware and require RMA and would like to know the process and any hiccups that may/may not occur.


So at the weekend I noticed a fault with the screens on the vive.


Monday morning around 9am GMT using the url https://www.vive.com/uk/support/contactus/ I started a live chat.

The live chat began promptly with little to no wait time where I described my problem

After it was ascertained that the product required and RMA about an hour later I received an email with an attachement.  This was a prepaid UPS SAVER label to print and affix to my return.


Using the website https://www.ups.com/dropoff I was able to locate a local UPS drop off point (normally these are just corner shops).  If you don't have one local you can arrange a collection but this is chargable.

At 10:50 this morning I have just dropped off my parcel and opted in for SMS tracking.

About 15 minutes after dropping the parcel off I received a text from UPS confirming recept that the parcel was dropped off.


So thats it for now, as said I will update and edit this thread as required and hopefully it will help anyone else who needs to use the RMA process.




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Was hoping to edit the original but don't seem to have the option.


So 23 hours have I dropped it off it has arrived in Romania.  Romania appears to be the European HTC service centre.  It hasn't yet arrived at the final destination.  It might have got ro Romania faster but for some reason it was delayed in Germany just simply due to "unable to load the package on the plan".


Once they confirm  delivery (I reckon Friday the 18th) I have been informed it will take upto 4 busines days (dependent on parts) for a repair.  Taking this into account I would expect the fixed unit to be despatched out on Friday 25th.


In the UK Monday the 28th is a bankholiday so I reckon 29th onwards I should be expecting the unit back.  And faster is a bonus :D


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Service going good so far.  We are at 1 business day since they received the unit and I have just received an email with the repair report for the device.

It suggests they have replaced the left screen ?



They may not though have fixed the fault that I logged but actually fixed it based on a fault I put up with.  There has always been a dead pixel on one of the displays but I just put up with it.  Recently though some green/grey marks had appeared on the display which is why I logged a fault.  Looking at the repair notes it mentions "Fault code: defective pixel".  Could it me the green banding was defextive pixels or has it been swapped out based on the dead pixel?


What i's HTC replacement policy on dead pixels?

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So I received my headset back this morning, in full working order.  That is a pretty fast turn around saying they only had it one business day before returning it next day delivery, Romania to the UK.


A couple of pointers.


1.  They don't really read the details of the RMA - everything I mentioned and the faults I logged appear to have been ignored

2. No confirmation that the product has been received by the repair company, I checked the UPS tracking (even UPS sucked as I opted in for sms updates and got non)


3.  All in all a decent service with a fast turn around and repair, I would like a bit more communication and the details of the actual fault were ignored but on this occasion it didn't affect me but for others it might have been an issue.


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