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Base station firmware update causes red blinking light


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Okay, so I've seen several threads on this but most are about RMA and returns.  My question is a little bit more in depth.  As many others have said once they update their base station it becomes unusable and displays a red blinking light.  The SteamVR app says something like error 3 or error 400 and something about the base station being unusable or not optically tracking or something else.  The only constants seem to be red blinking light and doesn't work.


I was able to find some information and a quick tutorial on how to reverse the issue (fall back onto the original firmware) but that doesn't really sit well with me.  My situation is that one of my base stations was able to upgrade to the latest firmware (lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-436-2016-09-20) just fine and works like it's supposed to.  The other however, just build in April 2018 mind you, completely loses it's mind when firmware is updated (either through steamVR or manually updating).  So far the only solution I've found is keeping the original firmware (lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-244-2016-03-12) on the "broken" base station.


While this allows me to use my Vive I find myself very annoyed that a brand new item is obviously shipping with what seems to be a serious flaw, since I see this issue across the forum and spanning at least a year.  I would have assumed that my base station having been built less than a month ago would have shipped with the newest firmware, I would have assumed wrong.  Anyway, for anyone else who runs into this problem there is a "possible" solution that does not involve RMA'ing your device and waiting for months as I've read in several places through the forums.  I don't think I should outline that process here but either PM me if you are experiencing this or ask one of the many helpful staff in this community if they can walk you through it.  It's very quick, very easy, and should hopefully get you up and running in minutes by getting you back to the original firmware; maybe needing a calibration or factory reset rescue along the way.


All of that to ask this, is my seemingly broken lighthouse RMA'able even though it runs on the original firmware but not on either of the new releases (lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-298-2016-05-05 or lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-436-2016-09-20)?  And if so would it be possible for HTC to send me a new working base station and I'll return the broken one in the box sent rather than me being out of a base station for undetermined amount of time (some in the community have reported several months) as my $1100 purchase collects dust?  As this is a brand new base station I feel it shouldn't be having this sort of malfunction.  Any help or insight would be great.  Thanks ;)

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