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ADB cannot connect to Vive Focus Development Edition


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I just got my Vive Focus development kit and I am trying to load my custom app. I am familiar with ADB and building android apps for Samsung phones such as Galaxy S8/S6/S5/S4 etc. I read all the community comments including the one with all the helpful ADB commands.


I have USB debugging turned ON and I'm using Windows 8.1. My focus boots into the viveport menu upon powering it on. When I connect the USB cable to my PC, the focus displays a popup with the option to enable battery charging or file transfer. Selecting either option does not enable focus to be recognized by ADB.

Samsung phones connect fine with ADB. Is there a special driver required for the Vive Focus to work with ADB?

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I figured it out and am posting the solution. The problem is the USB driver cannot be found by default.


1. Enable USB Debugging in your Focus Settings...Developer options
2. Verify Focus USB mode is set to File Transfer (MTP).

3. Connect Focus to PC via USB. Accept message on PC to connect to device. If you don't get this message on the PC then you need to update the USB driver.
4. Follow this youtube video and select the best driver to use: 

5. In my case, I just selected the Samsung driver that was already on my PC.

6. Once you fix the driver, the message should pop up on your PC to connect to device.

7. You can now connect to the focus with ADB on the focus is booted up into the viveport menu.

8. Unity can also directly download the custom app to the device if you select build & run. The new custom app will appear as soon as you put on the focus.

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A much faster solution:


Just download and instal the drivers first...



(that YT video is non specific)

These drivers comes indirectly from the the SDK documentation, but you can see the link only after installing


"Unreal Plugin Getting Started — Wave VR 2.0.32 documentation

Vysor is a thirdParty software to let you manipulate device through Windows desktop."


It would be nice to have them directly in a pre requirement folder in the SDK!

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...and to debug via WiFi, do all of the above then find out the IP address of your focus: go to Settings -> More Settings -> About Device -> Status (local IP address is 2nd line from the top).
At the command prompt type
adb tcpip 5555
adb connect 192.168... (your local IP address)

Don't forget to pull out the USB cable as you won't need it anymore. That's it. Enjoy the freedom of a wireless HMD. :)

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