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1month reedemable subscription code i got doesnt work.


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I got 1 month free subscription code and tried to input the code, but it didn't work. It says there is some kind of server error, please wait and try again. But even if I try again. It says the same thing. Is this some kind of trick for customer not get a free subscription? Why would you hold a event( I got it from starwars vr download event.) If the code doesnt work. I would attach the screenshot about error message if I can but I dont find it on this page.

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oh well i was using my mobile device thats why i couldnt see the photo button. btw

these are images which i failed to use.

as you can see, it says there is a some kind of server error. i tried it for couple of days, it keeps saying that.

and i probably shouldnt post the code online. but today is the last day for redeem and there is like an hour left. so i might as well just upload it.


hope it can be solved in the future. i bought vive like 2 weeks ago, and its been a great new joy so far. first dissapointment, no big deal.

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Hi ,


Sorry to hear that, and we've confirmed that you qualify for the 1 month subscription.  

I will send you another 1 month subscription redeem code via PM.  


Thank you for supporting VIVEPORT




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