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Vive Tracker for Unreal virtual sets for video production: Do I need the HMD?


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I am working on a project to build a green screen/virtual set setup using the Unreal engine based on some work I've seen around the interwebz.

 The plan is to use a Vive tracker for each camera (3) but I'll be starting out with just one.


Do I need the head mounted display in order to use the trackers or can I do with just the trackers and two base stations?




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Take a look at this guide from Triad. On the UE4 side, their default VR Pawn autodetects the HMD and bases all of the I/O off that detection which may require customization to meet your needs. 


UE4's main branch solution does compositing in-engine; we're currently beta testing a quadrant based output system for external compositing. While your experence is too early in development to be included in the beta, it's worth keeping in mind as you develop your workflow. 

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