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Unable to get system button input - WVR_InputId_Alias1_System


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I'm trying to control system button popup menu from our app as don't want the user to press it accidently.  

I have seen a new input in the latest SDK to read system button input but this didn't work for me as expected. 



I'm still getting the default system menu when I press the button but not as an input. 

Can anyone has a solution for this ? Much appreciate your help.




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Thanks for you response. 

Issue is that users need to press that button for calibration and when they click just once then the system menu pops up. This app is targeted for new users who won't have much time to get familier with the controller. We are trying to make it user firendly as much as possible. 

We experienced that having to triger calibration with the system button can cause user to get the system menu as most users hit just once initially. 

Is there anyway that we can triger calibration with a different button input like touchpad ?


Appreciate your help. 


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