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M2X Subpac and Vive Pro


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Hi everyone,


I can’t handle my Bluetooth connection between those 2 devices. I explain myself. When I pair the Subpac everything is going fine, but after few seconds my headset tracking is lost! I guess Bluetooth conflict is the problem. Can you help me about a way to fix it.


Here is my configuration


Alienware 15 R4


Processeur Intel® Core™ i9-8950HK de 8e génération (six coeurs, 12 Mo de mémoire cache, overclocké jusqu‘à 5 GHz)

Système d’exploitation

Windows 10 Famille 64 bits, anglais, néerlandais, français, allemand, italien

Carte vidéo

Carte graphique NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 avec 8 Go de mémoire GDDR5X

Ecran LCD

Écran UHD (3 840 x 2 160) 60 Hz 15,6 pouces avec technologies IPS et NVIDIA G-SYNC, châssis argent


32 Go (2 x 16 Go) de mémoire DDR4 à 2 666 MHz

Disque dur

Disque SSD M.2 PCIe de 1 To

Color Choice


Connectivité sans fil

Killer 1550 Wi-Fi 802.11ac 2x2 et Bluetooth 5,0



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, This sounds like co-channel interference. Aside from the Vive system, there may be additional bluetooth or 2.4Ghz wireless interference in your environment which is contributing to that part of the spectrum being oversaturated when the additional bandwidth of the subpac is added. 2.4Ghz is very ubiquitous, especially if you live in an urban area. 


Generally speaking, bluetooth isn't an ideal way to use a Subpac alongside a Pro as their choice of bluetooth radio results in a 100+ms delay which is very noticeable within VR but doesn't matter for its' designed musical use. As a backup, you can use a USB-C -> 3.5mm adapter and simply mirror audio to that output. This is by far the most reliable way of connecting a SubPac. I always prefer to use my SubPac in wired mode as the bluetooth mode gets very frustrating due to the way it automatically shuts off when the signal is too loud. 

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Hi David,


Thanks for your answer, it’s clear.

I already use my M2x with my PsVr with a DAC, Bluetooth isn’t available on PS4 Pro and this is the only way, so yes totally agree with you.


I just wanted to try without cable on my Vive pro, just to be ready for the future wireless adaptator of Vive. Will see, I’ll try again...and give you the feedback without other Bluetooth devices around.


Ty Sir David

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Just a last question about the future vive wireless adaptor. Is it possible to plug in on the Alienware 15r4?? I saw it needs a pci express port. If not, can you give the solution please.



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