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Pentile grid/pattern visible on one display


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Hello fellow vivers,


I'm in need of your help. I have spent hours trying to find any similar issue online but to no avail. There's an issue with one of the displays of my HMD (right eye). I can see a "grid like" pattern, more specifically the Pentile pattern that this displays use.


This first appeared after approximately 30 minutes of use. I proceeded to turn off the Vive and all it's related apps and rebooted the system. Since it was still present, I turned off the system and let it rest. What I did noticed was that the HMD felt more warm than usual. On the next day, I powered it up to see if it was still present which it wasn't. So I commenced to troubleshoot and try to confirm my theory of being heat related issues. I attempted to recreate it by letting the HMD get warm. First leaving it on for about 10 minutes. Then started to play lightly while keeping an eye if it occurs. After about 20 minutes, it didn't. I put the HMD on a table while still powered on to let it stay warm for a while longer. Up to this moment, the temperature was normal. About 10 more minutes passed and as I picked it up to check, it did felt warmer and sure enough, the grid was there again. I let it rest for another day and now as soon it boots, the grid is there.


I changed cables hoping that it could be the 3-1 or any other HDMI cable but unfortunately is not. Note that it only occurs on the right (eye) display. Also contacted support as soon I noticed the issue but as of now, they have not responded. I took several images of the screen but I don't see an option to attach any. Maybe upon request I can upload them somewhere.


Has anyone seen or experienced something like this? It's a bummer, I barely have been able to use it and now I'm facing this issue.


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi ,


Similar to OP, I noticed the are grids of red and green, visible only on the right eye of the HMD.

The artifacts are not displayed if the HMD loses tracking (all-grey).

I always unplug the power going to the link box if the HMD is not being used.


Sometimes I get the artifacts straight away after starting SteamVR, and sometimes it took around ~5 minutes in SteamVR Home for the artifacts to be displayed.

Once the problem manifests, it wont go away until after I unplugged the power for a few days.

But 80% of the time, I'm seeing it right away after getting to SteamVR Home.


What I have already tried:

Bypassed the link box and connected the HDMI and directly to the GPU and USB directly to PC, the problem still persists.

I purchased a new 3-in-1 cable, and connected through that, the problem is still there.



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Hi, I am also having a similar issue to this, the left half of the right eye has a grid like pattern which is colourless but makes everything look blurry, but its almost like its a mirroring effect of edges of the object you are looking at, I just got this yesterday and it has been like that since I first turned it on.

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