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Vive Pro: Controller problem


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Hi there,


I have changed my Vive into a Vive pro. I paired the controller and SteamVR says there is nothing connected (lights are getting green). When i start the controller before i start SteamVR, SteamVR says the controller are sending no signals.

When i switch on or off the controllers, SteamVR is not able to recognize any change. When the controllers are connected with USB and PC, they are working without problems, and Steam says me everytime that the firmware is old. I tried the firmware update but anyway Steam says the same (Update was successfull).

When i use the orginal vive, the controllers are working perfectly on any configuration.


I´ve tried to reinstall SteamVR -> Problem isn´t solved

I´ve tried to reset the controller -> Problem isn´t solved

Uncouple all vive hardware from the computer, in "steamVR>developer>Remove all USB Devices" -> doesn´t work.


I have no more ideas to solve this problem. What can i do? All drivers are actually.


Thanks for help!

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Sorry for doubleposting,


I think i´ve detected the problem.


It seems there is a problem with the audio settings. In SteamVR i switched the audio source from my Vive Pro to the PC boxes and the controllers was instant there and worked perfectly.


I switched back to the Vive Pro headset and the controllers don´t work. So i toggled more times and now it works perfectly. I think it´s a software problem.

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This Solution works for me:


Switch to SteamVR beta ( No idea if this is necessary)

Then open SteamVR->Settings->Audio

Under "If SteamVR is active" Set Playback device to "VIVE PRO (Nvidia high definition audio)[Or similar if you dont have Nvidia]


Then my controllers are visible in VR and working perfect. If i set annother my controllers don´t work.

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Did your Windows update to 1803 too? I was experiencing similar behavior when I switched the audio output from nvidia's (display port) back to the USB vive pro output. I'm still troubleshooting this on my side, but am currently away from home. What are your system specs? Specifically your motherboard. Some of my research has led me to next try a chipset and bios round of updates.

I have an Asus z170 board, which appears to have bios and chipset updates available dates 5/31. I read at another forum the account of someone who had distorted audio after a windows update, with this same board, and fixed it with a bios update.

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After struggling for hours I found a work-around that enabled me to pair the controllers.  I tried to pair the accessories from my Vive with the Pro model headset.  I could not get past the room setup step of preparation.

A Vive tech and I rebooted, deleted and reloaded software and firmware, and did the "power + menu" keys thing a number of times in different orders. No go.

The breakthrough was when we used Settings>Developer>Room and Tracking (you may have to scroll down) feature in SteamVR.  It calibrates the room without the use of the controllers.  After that, the controllers paired on the first go.

The immersion is a big step above the base model.

Good luck,


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