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Connect multiples virtual reality headset, to a local network and play in same room

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Hi there,
As you can see at the title, I wonder if it possible to connect several VR headsets ( connected at different pc ) to a local network, that is possible, but at finally all headsets works on same place, i have read many post on it, and I can't found if it can be possible. Can the lh tracks all players or do i have to find another system to track players ?

i specify the game can be played by 4 players in same time

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Yes, this is something that can be done but not many developers have implemented it. This is sometimes referred to as "arcade networking". You can accomplish it with consumer games such as HordZ but you need to ensure that the roomscale configurations are identical otherwise it becomes a safety issue. Safety and lack of demand on the consumer side means that not many games have this feature. 

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