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Use vive trackers while charging.

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If I was to cable set up vive trackers so I can use them while they're charging. Would they really charge, as the status light indicator does not change from green from my tests?
Goal is to overcome the short battery life.

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hi there thats a good test..i guess the one prob is good if it works but to many wires to worry about there for not good for moving around like if your playing Vr Chat...But i tested the Vive controls and with a long cable i was still able to charge and play Vr Chat and after like a half over i unplug it and get 3 green balls not 4 but 3 now if you leave it for a hr you can get 4.

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Old Thread be old but so other people know. You can use them while charging basicly giveing unlimited power. I use some simple velcro lugagestraps to keep the cables flat to my legs with a USB hub in a bum bag. The power cable from the hub is simply attached to my HMD cable resulting in no additinal cables for me to get tangled in as there all flat to me or on exisiting cables. Plus the benifit of never loseing power.

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