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Permanent Red Light on HMD, tracking not responding


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Dear Community,


I am looking for help regarding my brand New Vive headset (1 week old). After having been able to play for a few days, the headset is now not responsive (didn't drop it or changed anything on my side, the day after my last session, the issue started). It is constantly showing a red light as soon as it is powered (weirdly sometimes showing a green one, but as soon as I try to launch SteamVR, the red is back).

When I launch Steam VR, the headset goes to sleep mode immediately, and the base stations turn grey in Steam VR, with the following error message "headset connected but unable to track it". 


As I am looking desperately for a solution, I already tried the following steps:

- use different USB ports, including 2.0 (all working with other items)

- deplug / replug every components using only provided cables

- associate the base stations by cable

- reboot computer / VIVE / link box

- reset Steam VR USB devices 

- base stations updated

- activated / deactivated front camera & bluetooth for base stations

- disabled USB power management

- removed USB records from windows (using USBDEVIEW) and reinstalled HMD


As the French support is not responding to my several mails, I am trying the community. Do you see anything else I can try ? Should I ask for a RMA ?


Thanks in advance for your help, and forgive my english, not my native tongue.

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