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Disappointing Support from VIVE in comparison with the Oculus and Sony PSVR


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I am getting sick and tired from HTC-Vive.

They made a great VR headset with the promise there will be great content.

But reality is, they do nothing and don’t care what happens to us HTC-Vive users.

Everywhere all best games are supported and made for Oculus or PSVR and its all you hear but the worst thing even they help with our hard spend money to support those company’s making games to develop even if it’s for the other VR systems and not for the Vive.

I think allot of others will be getting sorry by now they supported and bought a HTC-Vive the without content and or support we were promised and should be expecting with a purchase this big and expansive.

All nice on paper and in an ideal world, supporting development of VR software for any use or headset, but company’s like Oculus and Sony don’t care about that and the game developers only are interested in making money, so they take funds from any company and support any VR-system that is willing to pay for it. I don’t like how Oculus buys there game support but at least they do something for their supporters.


I hope others will start speak out to Valve and HTC about this then I am getting sick of being on the outside watching how all best content is snatched away from us.


Its time HTC and Valve start doing something for us, their users, and put prove us that we did not made the wrong choice on buying the Vive instead of the Oculus Rift.

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