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Horrible Customer Support, Headset shows it arrived in April but no progress, updates or answers.


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So one of the connector clips broke on my headset. It Seemed like a simple fix. I contacted customer support and they gave me a work order number and to send it in. So at the end of March I senit it in to have it arrive April 6th. Every single time I contact customer support on the status of it, they have no answers, one person even said they never received it (This was the third time I contacted them, the first two times they were able to acknowledge that it had arrived) 


We are into June now and I feel like I've been scammed. I've contacted constantly customer support without results. Then answered constant phone calls with excuse after excuse. I dont even think that my case manager exists and its just a fabricated lie meant to string me along until I give up. I have heard customer support say they're "escalating the problem" about 20+ times without it having any affect whatsoever. I just want a replacement, a WORKING replacement

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