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SR Works Build/Unity-Scene crashes on Start - Error Code 0x0013


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i am new to SRWorks
i tried a first project in unity and it worked to start.
the day after unity immediately crashes wehn i hit "play" but there was no error-code or something helpful in the debug-log
then i tried starting the demo build, delivered with the SDK and there in the reconstruction engine log i got the error code 0x0013

the system i am using is
WIN 8.1 64bit

Intel i7
16 GB Ram

what could this mean?
please help


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There is a SRWorks v0.7.5.0 version released recently at https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-srworks-sdk/. It fixes some issues so suggest you to use it first.


And, please check again on your desktop, open the settings page of SteamVR and navigate to the “Camera” tab. Select “Test Camera Rate” which will activate the Pro’s cameras and verify connectivity and functionality. If your configuration is compatible, you will see 3 green checkmarks as the attached picture.


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