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Find error about quality setting


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with unity 2017.3.1 when i used this code for change quality setting at runtime in vive Focus the screenview become scratch pixel error when function is called.


need for test quality settings in developpement for find best way to have a good framerate. 75 fps at this moment . is it possible to have more in future model ? like 90 fps like other device than Vive pro. cause 75 fps lag a little i think . But between us i have more difficulties for have maximum framerate everytime.


it seems to be Stereo rendering ? maybe you working on single pass VR view ...


     public void SetQuality (int value) {        QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel (value);    }


anybody have same error ?

 i think my project is too expensive at this moment for have a good framerate on Vive Focus.

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