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VivePort firewall ports


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Hi all,

I've contacted Vive Support several times, but apparently they aren't trained on how VivePort works and cannot help.
Here is the problem, we are looking at deploying Vive HMD in a school, but we have heavy firewall rules and transparent proxy in place, for obvious reasons.
Does anyone in Vive Community know what URLs and ports the VivePort application uses?


We've tried some obvious ports 443 etc with vive.com, htcsense.com and viveport.com, however still not working.
Because the firewall is blocking the communication between VivePort and the store, we can't download any recent purchases.
Tested with the same machine tethered with 4G connection, works fine.

Any help, would be much appreciated.

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Viveport uses a variety of services to serve files. Been advised to suggest you add these sites into your firewall exceptions and see if that helps:


If that doesn't help, we'll need to talk about getting logs from you for a full diagnosis. Let me know, thanks!

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I put in a request to my superiors from the department of education to have these URLs added and was told that this has already been done. 

I am unable to even install the program through our internet. It sits on Checking Version for a while and then shows "Download Failed. Please check the network connection and try again".

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, I got back some additional info. 

The Viveport installer and software make outgoing connections to our servers’ TCP port 80 (HTTP) and TCP port 443 (HTTPS). DNS name resolution to the DNS service on the client side utilizes UDP port 53 & TCP port 53. 


These are the wildcard domains that are currently used (changes over time):

        • *.htc.com
        • *.htcsense.com
        • *.htcvive.com
        • *.vive.com
        • *.viveport.com & viveport.com
        • *.htccomm.com.cn
        • *.reloadedtech.com
        • *.vive.link & vive.link

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