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Unboxing VIVE Focus dev kit

Shang Huang

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Hi there, newbie here,

I'm looking for standalone VR for a long time,

have played around Oculus Go,

the 3Dof just doesn't feel right.

so when I know there is VIVE Focus dev kit just get one asap.

it's pretty fast for delivery, I got mine after 3 days of applied the order.

Carton box, feels bigger than I thought.

Front of package

Back of package

First glimpse, to be honest Oculus Go is way better than this, it looks like toy rather than "High-end" gadget.

little box of accessories

Face cushion is seperated at beginning, it really need to be replace after playing a while.



Back head support is designed to spring back, anyway it makes good feeling when you put headset up, not like some headset feels like something is cutting your head back. 

Closer look at inupts, anyone know what the cover in the top center is? I can find any answer on Internet.

"DEVELOPER KIT" underneath, probably the only difference from Consumer version.


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