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motion sickness with VIVE or VIVE pro

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Hello all,

I was wanderring if anybody get sick with the VIVE or the VIVE pro?
I have seen poeple talking about being sick while playing but most of them doesn't say on witch headset they are sick.

This remark leads me to an other question:

Do you think that the game design has to addapt to the headset and if poeple get sick is because off game develloper or do you think that headset builder have to improve the design to allow game develloper design fully immersive game?
I curious to see your answer :-)

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Motion sickness in VR can be caused by many things.

If the computer used is borderline VR capable, it may not be able to hold a solid 90 FPS, when it dips too low FPS wise, you may or may not notice it but it can raise havoc as far as motion sickness.

Also, when new to VR, it takes a while to get use to VR, so using VR a little at a time and over a couple of weeks might earn you your "VR" legs meaning giving youself a chance to get use to it. Don't forget, VR can very easily fool your brain into thinking something while your body is not feeling what your brain thinks your body SHOULD be feeling, this in itself can make you motion sick.

Also, optics, not everyone's eyes are created equal, so the optics used in a particular HMD might take some getting use to, might need prescription lens inserts or might never get use to it. I've tried a few HMD's and there's only one that my dopey eyes really like, all the others give me grief.

It's a matter of giving yourself time to experiment and get use to it, remember to place the headset on your head in a way that you are looking into the sweet spot of the VR optics (normally dead center) to see as clearly as possible. :)

Regards: Jack

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