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Very accurate FullBody Motion Capture solver for HTC VIVE Pro (recording to *.BVH)


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For my bachelor thesis I'am trying to find out if there is an option to achieve Full Body Tracking by using the HTC VIVE Pro, the new Lighthouse 2.0, and an unknown number of VIVE Trackers. 

The Main Problem there is that it should fit for industrial uses, because I'm not convinced that IKinemas solution with only 6 to 8 trackers will be accurate enought.


Is there another MoCap Body solver SW than IKinema Orion?


Best regards, and thanks for any help,




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It is quite unfomfirtable for a dancer or actor to wear xx amount of vivetrackers attached to the body.

take a look at this:

Rokoko is combining their body tracking suit with lighthouse tracking. Makes a lot of sense since

what happens with inertial mocap suits is that they suffer from drifting over distance (some more than other) so adding a vivtracker to 'keep them in place' makes a lot of sense


check these out these two suits in particular





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, a lot of these solutions are proprietary and not something that content producers are whitelabeling. FinalIK or Ikinema will probably be your best UX; if you need additional points you may have to custom code a solution to your liking. The output from Orion is surprisingly high quality and is a wonderful bridge into high precision tracking - I know many who swear by it at the pricepoint. It definitely is something that needs to be implemented mindfully for best results. 


~ a year ago we released an open source example project to help act as a nucleation point. You may find it interesting


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Did you achieve something concrete? Would you like to cooperate on this. My email is radoslavATeverestkcDOTnet

This project shows how to record mocup data in a custom format similar to .bvh



This can be a good start to auto attach trackers and controllers to a humanoid character.

It can be enhanced with FinalIK to fix some tracking problems with AvatarIK.


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