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"choose payment" Issue redeeming viveport subscription


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Hi, sorry to bother people but ive recently bought a vive for which I am trying to redeem the 2 month viveport subscription code it came with. I entered the code which came in the vive box into http://vive.com/code easily enough but after that the site gave me another code said I needed to enter that into https://www.viveport.com/myredeem. I did this and the site recognised it but once it asked me to redeem the code I was taken to a "choose payment method" page and telling me I will be charged £8.99 a month. This is confusing because I understand the 2 month subscription which comes with the vive should be free, so why is it asking me to pay? Is there something wrong with my code or did I press a wrong button?


Thank you for reading

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, Viveport requires a CC to be added as a verification method and to prevent unwanted gaps in the subscription service between the transition from the trial period to a full subscription. You will not be charged unless you continue your subscription after the 2 month trial period and you can cancel at any point during the subscription period. 

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