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Change Y-Axis Value on Vive trackers 2018 for full body tracking


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Hello everyone,


I am currently trying to get full body tracking working on steamVR and it does work really well. Althrough, i am having issues with using models that have longer legs than the human body resulting in having the feet trackers inside the lower legs. Can someone help me out finding a way to change the Y-Axis value of both feet tracker to get them at the feet level of the custom avatar? 

Thanks for your help, i can't figure this out by myself.


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, is this with an already developed experience? If the developer has hardcoded the orientation of the trackers, than you're pretty much stuck with their implementation to a certain extent. You can mess around with OpenVR SDK settings but oftentimes the heightfix is dependent on the actual bones of your model rather than what OpenVR is reporting. You can potentially send them feedback asking for additional options or solutions for your specific use case. The coordinate system will be specific to their implementation. 


If you're specifically focused on VR chat, I would look at this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/VRchat/comments/7y879f/tutorial_a_guide_to_full_body_tracking_for_vive/ 


If you're developing your own experiences, you can just flip the coordinates in engine. 


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If this is for VR Chat, try using some of the default avatars since some of them do work well with full body tracking, if these work but your custom avatar doesn't, chances are the rigging of your avatar needs work for full body tracking. VR Chat has their own Discord with a sub section dedicated to full body tracking.

Regards: Jack

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