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SteamVR issues which I cannot seem to solve HTC Vive


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Hi, So I very recently bought a HTC Vive with the bases and controllers. Ever since setup, I have received multiple error codes which I cannot solve and I literally have no idea. Firstly, I continuously get a 'Fatal Error: DWrite.dll is missing'. Next I began getting Error codes 202, 301 and 306.
Error code 202 happens every time I open SteamVR and it tells me every time that my compositor needs to be full screen. Pressing 'Make Compositor full screen' doesn't seem to do anything

Error code 301 happens whenever I try to open Steam. For some reason, when I launch SteamVR or a VR steam title, my Steam will login, launch the game and then close itself. Upon opening Steam again, I run into a variety of issues. For one, my HMD will stop tracking completely and even Room setup will begin to stop recognising it as being on (I must reiterate here that this ONLY happens when Steam is open and I am logged in) Secondly, upon reopening Steam, I am told that VR servers failed to connect and that I should restart the server. This too crashes my tracking

Error code 306 occurs when I inevitably give up and close SteamVR and I am told that the IPC shared Compositor Connect


Basically, these errors mean that I cannot play games such as RecRoom. This is because when I open RecRoom, my Steam opens, launches both SteamVR and Recroom but then closes itself. In order to get online in Recroom, I then have to launch Steam again, which disrupts my headsets tracking and Recroom then tells me (in a similar fashion to Room setup) that my VR is not on. 

These issues are really frustrating me, as I cannot have Steam open whilst I'm using SteamVR, which just seems odd. Therefore I cannot fully enjoy the Vive as much of the possibilities are locked behind these seemingly unsolvable issues. Any help whatsoever in fixing these issues would be greatly appreciated and I apologise if my tone isn't inviting, I've just been trying for 4 days to get everything working and it seems hopeless right now. Let me know if you need screenshots or anything that could help you help me

Cheers, Matt

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, if it ends up being tied to that cluster of errors, due to the way windows registry functions, you'd actually need to create a new user account as simply changing the name does not affect those bugs.


It seems like there is quite a bit going on here and it's difficult to recommend any clear troubleshooting path since there are nested errors. If you have the capability, it may be fastest and most effective to back up your files and preform a clean install of Windows so you're starting off from a blank canvas.

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