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Unity Wave SDK IAP


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I am porting existing app to Vive Focus using WaveSDK for Unity. I Am at the phase where I need to implement IAP (In-app purchases)

and I was wondering whether I should use Viveport SKD for it?


I already tried using it but I receive errors: Exception: JNI: Init'd AndroidJavaClass with null ptr! 


These lines are causing it:


Viveport.IAPurchase.IsReady(listener, "VIVEPORT_API_KEY");Viveport.Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, "VIVEPORT_ID");


Any suggestions?


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Please change the calling sequence as following:
1. Viveport.Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, "VIVEPORT_ID");
2.Viveport.IAPurchase.IsReady(listener, "VIVEPORT_API_KEY");
"Init" should be done first, then on "IInitStatusHandler" success call "IsReady"


Thank you



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