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Vive lagging when looking down


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Hey guys,


So today I got my htc vive and I had it all setup, but when I installed TPCAST VR, I'm getting lag spikes but only when im looking down. Could anyone help me out with this because its very frustrating especially with games like rick and morty vr because u have to look down a lot. 


Thanks for the quick responce

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If you're using a TPCast and the issue is specifically encountered when using a TPCast, you should contact their support. TPCast is a third party company and they handle their own support. It sounds like you tilting your head down breaks the bandwidth or catches a reflection; repositioning your router may be the first step in troubleshooting this.  You should verify that it's not a compositor framecrash by going into SteamVR's settings and seeing what the framerate looks like in the bottom lefthand corner when you tilt the HMD. 

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