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Playing on your back. Is it possible?


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As a generality, this is not easily possible. You can modify the OpenVR layer to achieve this, however that is a manual and technically intensive process. Tools like WalkInVR work with OpenVR to modify the game world - you may have luck with these types of tools. If you're specifically trying to watch 2D video, it's easiest to just find a 2D player that will allow you to pin content in whichever orientation suits you. 

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Hello David,

I am trying to simulate low gravity for games like Space Pirates.

But I am also trying to develope this for people who are in hospital beds and would rather not sit up for games like TiltBrush. I spent 2 months straight in a hopital bed and would have liked to have had this option. 


What are the main obstacles?

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, ultimately your limits are what's hardcoded into an existing application. Manipulating the OpenVR layer means that you have to work within the framework that it allows. It's pretty flexible but ultimately, roomscale VR games are often designed with spatial mechanics that are entirely dependent on motion so in some cases no amount of OpenVR manipulation will produce a good UX. WalkInVR is probably the best  jumping off point to explore this through the OpenVR layer and likely has the most advanced featureset in it's class. 


If you're developing your own experiences, you obviously have a ton of flexibility in how you implement your design schemas - literally anything is possible. The difficulty will always arise when attempting to adapt existing content to be used in a manner that it wasn't designed for. Hopefully we'll see an uptick in accessibility options in the near-future. 

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