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Iracing Missing lots of frames and low frame rate since this weeks updates to VR Beta


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Earlier this week my iracing was working in VR better than ever and it had been for a couple of weeks. I could increase graphics settings to nearly max and still maintain 89-90 FPS most of the time. Went on today and it is jerky with low frame rates down to as low as 45 FPS. I have reduced the graphics settings and have got it back up to about 79-80 FPS but it is still missing a lot of frames. The only change is the series of updates done to Steam VR Beta this week. If I could take it back to how it was last week I would be happy but even the Live version is now doing the same thing with misssing frames. The last couple of weeks have been the best I have ever had the VR for frame rate and smoothness so am very disapointed to go backwards.

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Agreed, it would be nice to be able to roll back SteamVR versions when new stuff doesn't work very well, I've seen this happen to many times. Unfortunately, it's the arrogant way companies do things now days, they shove updates down your throats whether you want them or NOT. It's kind of like the "BORG" way of computing...... "we do it our way, your way is irrelevant!"

Regards: Jack

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