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Bricked Base Station (They didnt fix it right the first time)


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I came back from college about a month ago and just fired up my vive because of some new releases and new knuckle controllers but it seems that the right most light in one of my base stations is not emitting light at all (99% sure its the motor that scans the room). Now, I had this problem before, back in 2016 a month after I bought my vive (same device and same problem) but now they are saying that they are having problems with repairing devices and basically told me to go buy a new one instead. For something that came broken to my door then repair and 2 years later the same thing broke again I would hope they would acknowlage that its their problem and should not be the coustomers. Just wondering what are my options maybe I can repair it myself? Just wondering what other people think?

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