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Detail View Video Upload Issue


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I am uploading a new game but having issues getting the Detail View Video to show.  I've uploaded a video with the following format, MP4/H.264, 1280×720, 30 fps, bitrate 6Mbps, as well as a video poster image.  The detail page is currently set to Beta.  On the Beta page the video poster image is showing as the last item in the gallery and it does not actually play the video.  My app is fdb3dd0b-46de-47ee-b5af-83aabd4fdf5f.  Video I've tried to upload can be seen here: trailer-viveport.mp4


Shouldn't it be the first image in the gallery list and actually play the video?

Is this a Beta issue and should be resolved when going to production?



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, adding on to what the support channel said, the beta feature is in and of itself still in beta. It is offered in it's current state to ensure that publishers have some form of pre-production sandbox for verification and testing purposes. Our teams plan on releasing additional functionality updates in the coming months. 

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