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Changing head position in-game


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Hey everyone,

This question is mostly about Wave, Unity and it's own Unity integration. I'm currently using the Unity integration of the Vive Wave SDK [v.2.0.32] and am currently having problems with changing the position of the player's head in-game. We're developing a multi-platform project and currently the way most SDK's do this is to use Unity's own InputTracking to determine the head's local position/rotation (which is based on the Camera used in the Unity scene). But since Wave doesn't use this (the instructions tell me to turn off "Unity VR Enabled"), I can't do the same thing that I do usually. I am trying to implement my own arm model yet I can't make it follow the camera's position/rotation.

I may be going at this the completely wrong way but what is the best way of changing the head's position/rotation in Wave such that it mimics the camera's position/rotation in the scene and how do I make my arm model follow that position (or lock to it).

Thanks and have a nice day.

[EDIT] I'd also like to add that I opted to make my own arm model for the Wave SDK. The current arm model (from the prefab) always locked the controller to the player's face whenever it's tilted up (as if to show the controls) which I did not appreciate.

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