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How to use Vive Controller as a virtual camera in Unreal Engine


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I found tons of example videos(like these : 

- https://www.pulsedesigngroup.com/news/2017/3/23/mixed-reality-for-healthcare-architecture

- http://www.virtualrealitypulse.com/unreal/?open-article-id=8361007&article-title=adding-mixed-reality-capture-support-to-unreal-games&blog-domain=vrscout.com&blog-title=vrscout

- https://www.pulsedesigngroup.com/news/2017/3/23/mixed-reality-for-healthcare-architecture 

- http://www.kertgartner.com/making-mixed-reality-vr-trailers-and-videos/


but I haven't found a proper tutorial. It seems easy and everyone seems to be doing well but I'm new to Unreal and I'm struggling with it for weeks.


What I'm trying to do is, the player will use only a HMD and a controller, and the other controller will be attached to the camera as a Virtual camera. When I play, I want one screen to display a HMD view and another screen to display a Virtual camera view. 


I understand how to track the controller as a camera. I made the camera component as a child of the controller. But I coudn't find out how to make them work at the same time. The position and rotation value of HMD is mixed with the value of the controller and it keeps getting messy. 


I don't have a extra controller or Vive tracker. Also I found the Mixed Reality plugin in this forum but it is not working. 


1st player(walking around in the level) : one HMD, one controller(left)

2nd player(virtual camera): the other controller(right)

play at the same time


How do I modify the blueprint on a VR template to make this possible?  





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