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Override for Position Tracking Lost?


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We use the IndoTraq wireless position tracking technology in combination with the Focus inside-out tracking. We need to override the Position Tracking Lost message and instead utilize the alternate wireless tracking technology so that the user experience is not broken.

We need to monitor the state of the Focus inside-out tracking and when it fails we will rely on the wireless tracking technology. 

Can someone suggest how to override the Position Tracking Lost message when the Focus inside-out tracking fails?

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While running the sample wvr_hellovr application on the Focus and Android Device Monitor I see the mIsHMDLoseTracking variable gets set to 1 and then the display pops up. See attached picture. You can simulate this by blocking the Focus cameras and moving your head. This is just to easily simulate the problem. The same thing happens when using the Focus in a large room and it loses tracking.


Then when the tracking starts working again, mIsHMDLoseTracking gets set back to 0 and the popup disappears.


I am trying to override this behavior and prevent the dialog from poping up. When the Focus loses tracking, we will utilize the IndoTraq wireless tracking to prevent breaking the user experience. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?



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@unikty You have two options, but they can only be enabled from the device itself - 1.) Don't Show Lost Tracking Message, 2.) Enable Passenger Mode.

     To do so, you must have Developer Options enabled on the device.  


1.) Don't Show Lost Tracking Message:

 From the Viveport Home Menu:

  - Click On Settings

 - More Settings

 -  Click Developer Options

 - scroll down and toggle Don't Show Lost Tracking Message.

      Note:  This will keep the HMD as 6dof.


2.) scroll down and toggle Passenger Mode

   Use Passenger Mode if you only need 3dof rotational tracking then you can essentially make your Focus or Focus Plus into a 3dof HMD by enabling Passenger Mode.   This is recommended if you are using the device in a moving vehicle or in darker spaces.


 To Enable Developer Options: 

 From the Viveport Home Menu:

  - Click On Settings

 - More Settings

 - Scroll to About Device

  - Click on Build Number 7x to receive a message "You are now a Developer."

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