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Black Screen on Vive Pro and Monitor


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I bought a Vive Pro recently (my first experience with VR/AR) and upgraded my PC (GTX1080) in order to get it running.

Since the first try about a week ago, I often get random Black Screens. The image in the HMD freezes shortly (which makes f***ing motion sick) and then gets black. When I get rid of the HMD the PC monitor is also black and I can´t do anything but restart the pc in order to get it running again.


I have been trying to find the reason but it really happens randomly:

- with different Nividia drivers

- withing SteamVR, VivePort or my own Unreal Engine project

- also with AR (SWorks SDK Demo or UE Plugin)

- sometimes after 10 seconds, sometimes after 15 minutes, sometimes never (although I did never run it for longer than an hour)

I dont really know what else to try - any suggestions?

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So after a few frustating days I think my setup is stable now.

I found out that the nvidia driver crashed when it happened, and I found a post where someone suggested to disable the Intel Virtualisation in BIOS.

So thats what I did and I haven´t had any blackscreen issues since then - I hope it stays like this...!

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