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WAVE SDK samples.unitypackage TrackedButtons_Test Scene

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In the sample scene titled "TrackedButtons_Test Scene" there are two objects, one labeled "Right" and one labeled "Left" inside the WaveVR/head. Each of these objects has a "TrackedButtons" script with a property labeled Device. This device is set to "WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Right" on the "Right" object and "WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Left" on the "Left" object.


Does this mean the Vive Focus can have two controllers at once?

If so, can developers buy a second controller for development?

I've seen reference to an HTC "Link" with two controllers in the WAVE documentation, Is this a different product or an early development name for the "Focus"?


Thank you

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Hi ,


Wave SDK is designed under a flexible architecture to support various external devices from Link (two 6Dof), Focus (one 3Dof) and future (two 6Dofs) controllers.

There is no firmed schedule regarding to two 6Dofs controllers but it's already under planning.

On Foucs product, according to better UX we make decision to support only one 3Dof controller.

Hope this info. is helpful.


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Thank you for the clarification. We understand the importance of the WAVE SDK being flexable enough to support development for a broad range of potential future and/or other compatible products.


We now see HTC's desired design intention to have one controller for the focus and we will design our products for this platform around this configuration.


FYI, so far so good; We have been successful building with the WAVE SDK and installing on the Focus .



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