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for almost $1300 this thing doesnt even work.


i spend over two hours loading software, drivers, calibrating equipment and downloading $200+ worth of Steam Games and i cant even use this because one of my base stations is apparently broken.


im sorry but i'm not happy.

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UPDATE: so spoke with VIVE Chat and was eventually informed that i would have to send back the broken unit to be fixed. i offered to purchase a new single bsae station and if i could get a refund later down the line when i was able to send back the broken unit. they said yes, but i had to send back the entire package, both base stations, and controllers (since it was a package deal). And ONCE they got it back in restock, they would ship back to be somewhere around JULY 16th. So i had to eat another $170 to buy a new base station because I did not want to wait that long. I really dont see why i couldnt just exchange one base station for another, since they do sell them in single units. But just like Phillip J Fry, when we want something, we want it now, so "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!"

Also, i found out i didnt get the supplied sync cable with my purchase. HTC VIVE: 2 Me: 0

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it would have been nice to be able to say "yeah, i spent 1200+ on a new VIVE Pro, but they sent me a broken Base Station and they're more than happy to send a new one in replace of the broken one right away (on top of a missing sync cable). They're such good peeps." but now when asked, i have to tell people "yeah, they wanted me to send back everything but the headset, and it would take over two weeks to send back to me because they're out of the controller/basestation bulk pack. so i had to drop another $170 for another base station because they just couldn't do a swap out on one single unit, which they did have in stock."

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