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Flicker around objects


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Hi guys,


Held off buying VR to begin with, and now they've just launched the VIVE Pro kit, I've gone and got myself one. Very happy with the purchase. Just curious as to a couple of things. Yes, complete newbie to VR, not to a PC environment.


Happy with the graphics so far, probably can tweak them upwards when I really get to grips with it. When I am using SteamVR Home, when looking at objects, such as the books on the shelves or the wooden edges of the door frames, they flicker. The best way to describe it would be, as if you were looking at how another TV screen appears when it is filmed. Is this normal behaviour, or is there some way to cure this?


I did some googling and it said to turn on Supersampling which I have done and it doesn't seem to have cured the issue. If anyone can point me in the right direction, or give me some general advice, that would be gratefully received.


PC Spec is Threadripper 1950X, 32GB DDR4 Memory and two Vega 64s, so definitely not a system specification issue.


Many Thanks,


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, I don't think I've heard of anything similar. You may be experiencing aliasing flickering between two adjacent pixels or it may be a result of asynchronous reprojection. Check your SteamVR window and see if you're  dropping frames. Anti-aliasing isn't really a thing in VR yet as it requires a massive amount of processing power. 

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